Die Zukunft

On 10 July, 2003, in Dark Reflections, by C. Scott Davis

I know it’s out there… just outside my field of vision, waiting for me in the darkness.

I imagine that I can hear it, slurping up through the temporal cesspool, shifting around in the blackness beyond me. It stares at me, with dead eyes, even though I can’t see it yet — won’t be able to see it, until it’s far too late.

I want to turn and run away. I want to flee, to go… anywhere, rather than to get pulled back down in there. There is nowhere to go. It’s pointless to even try. I am falling towards that loathsome pit, with a force that’s stronger, and more impossible to resist, than gravity. I will end up there again, just as surely as I crawled out in the first place.

I am the condemned, given an illusionary furlough. Every tick, every tock, takes me closer. My despair knows no bounds.

I can already feel it crawling across my skin, through it, under it. I can taste the foulness, smell the acrid air as it burns down my nose and throat. I can’t be that close yet, but I am. It’s reaching out for me, grasping, searching. It’s in no hurry. It has Time as its ally.

I breathe slowly, calmly. The first touch will be the worst; it always is.

The grim tide laps at my feet and the monster’s claws brush my face. Once I surrender, it won’t be so bad. It really will, of course, but I won’t care. I will have sunk beyond caring, beyond knowing. I will wrap denial around me and drown in an eternity of grey, until one day, I finally die.

Only then will I ever really escape.

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On 9 August, 1996, in Dark Reflections, by C. Scott Davis

Time. Jump forward. Leap ahead.
Jump, puppet!
Pull the strings.
behind the curtain,
more of my life.
Spin for me.
Wheel of Time.
The future is made
on the foundation
of my shattered bones.
me beneath your heel.
me high
into the air.
How will I land?
What’s the difference?
Neither lasts.
Nothing lasts.
Only the cruel impact,
the bruising, ripping, bursting
pain of the fall —
only that —
is Eternal.

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