New Year

On 22 December, 1996, in Dark Reflections, by C. Scott Davis

A new year looms before me and old demons lurk behind me. Even as the Future opens wide to swallow me whole, I can feel the sharp teeth of the Past slicing into my back.

I die to be born.
I live as dead.
Only the flashes of pain remind me…
…I’m alive.

I am standing at the edge of the flames. They are slowly creeping up on me, burning my feet with agonising slowness.

Oddly, I find myself longing to leap into the heart of the burning pain and be done with it.

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On 9 August, 1996, in Dark Reflections, by C. Scott Davis

Time. Jump forward. Leap ahead.
Jump, puppet!
Pull the strings.
behind the curtain,
more of my life.
Spin for me.
Wheel of Time.
The future is made
on the foundation
of my shattered bones.
me beneath your heel.
me high
into the air.
How will I land?
What’s the difference?
Neither lasts.
Nothing lasts.
Only the cruel impact,
the bruising, ripping, bursting
pain of the fall —
only that —
is Eternal.

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